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Welcome to Cultural Caravan Productions Inc

Cultural Caravan Productions, Inc., offers a wide range of cultural and education programs for the entire family. We believe that an educated community is one which is informed and able to make sound decisions about its future. In this effort, we seek to create programming which is geared towards fostering a greater awareness of the cultural contributions of people of African ancestry to our world. Towards these goals, we offer the following programs and services:

Cultural Caravan Press Releases

Cultural Caravan Press Releases, Press Photos and Press Video Clips are issued at irregular intervals, whenever there are important developments within the Cultural Caravan Productions organization.

Latest Press Release

Spotlight life & legacy of Inventor/Artist-Lewis Latimer

Spotlight life & legacy of Inventor/Artist-Lewis Latimer

Cultural Caravan TV proudly presents a treasured flashback episode which will highlight the life and times of one of the most brilliant African American inventors of our time, Lewis H. Latimer. This episode shares little known facts about Lewis Latimer, a self-taught man who worked with the most renowned inventors of his day, such as Thomas Edison and Hiram Maxim.  He is known for developing the carbon filament that enhanced the light bulb and much more. Cultural Caravan TV will provide you with an informative spotlight which will also feature rare footage about the life and legacy of this 20th century Renaissance man.  We would also like to recognize his grand-daughter, Dr. Winifred Latimer Norman, who dedicated her life to the preservation of her grand-parents’ home and legacy.  Dr. Norman passed last year at the age of 99. She will be featured in this historic broadcast. Join us for another insightful and educational episode.

Other Programs and Points of Interest

  • Youth Programs & Education

    Our Youth and Education Program features a wealth of information which is geared towards youth development and self expression. Check out clips from episodes of Cultural Caravan''s "Youth in Spotlight" series. These programs are created and hosted by and for youth and the community. Click here for more information

  • Cultural Literacy Tours of New York

    Explore the African American Experience throughout the five boroughs with this one day New York Expedition. The guided tour will provide you with information about the cultural contributions of African Americans to this great city..This is a Must for those who are native New Yorkers as well as recent visitors. Click here for more information

  • African American Theatre Parties

    New York has a wealth of African American Theatres that offer outstanding performances for a fraction of the price of a Broadway show. Join us for a memorable experience which includes a show and meal package. Click here for more information Click here for more information

  • Cultural Caravan Boutique

    Celebrate African American culture with a beautiful memento such as an expressive tee shirt, tote bag, or book of soul stirring poetry/prose, and more . These items are available for a small contribution. All proceeds will be used to support our programming. Click here for more information

  • Become a Sponsor

    Cultural Caravan Productions, Inc., is a non-profit entity that seeks donations to further support our high quality,independent, and community focused programming, which celebrates the rich history and culture of African Americans and the diaspora. If you wish to be part of the team of supporters who appreciate the work that we do,. Click here for more information